Crypto wallet made simple.

With your BravePay wallet access to crypto has never been so easy. Top up your balance with just one click and start using your Braves in a fast growing network of partners.

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What makes us special

Amazingly Simple

Forget about secret keys and recovery phrases. Sign up with your email and keep full control of your personal crypto account.

Protect Your Privacy

BravePay wallet keeps your identity 100% safe. We do not capture, store or share any personal information from you.

Manage funds in one click

Send and Receive funds from your card, contact list or any other Stellar account.

Pay anytime, anywhere

Securely Pay with BravePay wallet in a fast growing network of on and offline business partners.

AI powered onboarding

Forget complicated crypto wallet registrations with ID checks that expose your identity and sensitive personal data. Get your annonymous BravePay wallet in a second, with just a selfie. That’s all our AI needs to create your age-tag.

Buy crypto in just one click

New in the world of crypto? Forget the burden of buying your tokens in traditional exchanges. Connect your BravePay wallet in just one click with your ApplePay, Google Pay, credit card or receive crypto transfers directly from your contact list. That simple, that easy.

Your money back in lucky purchases

Thousands of transactions are completely free. With BravePay every day can be your lucky day.

Get Brave Pay now

And enjoy age controlled payments wherever you want!

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